Method of undetermined coefficients with initial conditions

In order to give the complete solution of a nonhomogeneous linear differential equation, Theorem B says that a particular solution must be added to the general solution of the corresponding homogeneous equation. The special functions that can be handled by this method are those that have a finite family of derivatives, that is, functions with the property that all their derivatives can be written in terms of just a finite number of other functions. Its derivatives are.

Its first four derivatives are. Note that any numerical coefficients such as the 5 in this case are ignored when determining a function's family. That is. Example 3 : Find a particular solution of the differential equation. Substituting this into the given differential equation gives. Now, combinbing like terms yields. The first equation immediately gives.

Therefore, a particular solution of the given differential equation is. Example 4 : Find a particular solution and the complete solution of the differential equation.

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Now, combining like terms and simplifying yields. A particular solution of the given differential equation is therefore. Example 5 : Find a particular solution and the complete solution of the differential equation. Simplifying yields. Example 6 : Find the solution of the IVP. The first step is to obtain the general solution of the corresponding homogeneous equation.

Since the auxiliary polynomial equation has distinct real roots. Combining like terms and simplifying yields. Therefore, the desired solution of the IVP is. Now that the basic process of the method of undetermined coefficients has been illustrated, it is time to mention that is isn't always this straightforward.

A problem arises if a member of a family of the nonhomogeneous term happens to be a solution of the corresponding homogeneous equation.

In this case, that family must be modified before the general linear combination can be substituted into the original nonhomogeneous differential equation to solve for the undetermined coefficients. The specific modification procedure will be introduced through the following alteration of Example 6.

Example 7 : Find the complete solution of the differential equation. The general solution of the corresponding homogeneous equation was obtained in Example Since the modified family no longer contains a solution of the corresponding homogeneous equation, the method of undetermined coefficients can now proceed.

Example 8 : Find the complete solution of the differential equation. First, obtain the general solution of the corresponding homogeneous equation. Doing so yields. Example 9 : Find the complete solution of the equation. Since the auxiliary polynomial equation has distinct conjugate complex roots. Example 2 showed that the. Therefore, this entire family must be modified:.

method of undetermined coefficients with initial conditions

None of the members of this family are solutions of the corresponding homogeneous equation, so the solution can now proceed as usual.If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.

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Math Differential equations Second order linear equations Method of undetermined coefficients. Undetermined coefficients 1. Undetermined coefficients 2. Undetermined coefficients 3. Undetermined coefficients 4.

Ordinary Differential Equations Calculator

Current timeTotal duration Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Video transcript We're now ready to solve non-homogeneous second-order linear differential equations with constant coefficients.

So what does all that mean? Well, it means an equation that looks like this. A times the second derivative plus B times the first derivative plus C times the function is equal to g of x.

Before I show you an actual example, I want to show you something interesting. That the general solution of this non-homogeneous equation is actually the general solution of the homogeneous equation plus a particular solution.

I'll explain what that means in a second. So let's say that h is a solution of the homogeneous equation. And that worked out well, because, h for homogeneous. There should be some shorthand notation for homogeneous. So what does that mean?


That means that A times the second derivative of h plus B times h prime plus C times h is equal to 0. That's what I mean when I say that h is a solution-- and actually, let's just say that h is the general solution for this homogeneous equation. And we know how to solve that. Take the characteristic equation depending on how many roots it has and whether they're real or complex.

You can figure out a general solution. And then if you have initial conditions, you can substitute them and get the values of the constants. Fair enough. Now let's say that I were to say that g is a solution. Well no, I already used g up here. Well, I don't like using vowels. Let's say j. Let's say j is a particular solution to this differential equation. That means that A times j prime prime plus B times j prime plus C times j is equal to g of x.

method of undetermined coefficients with initial conditions

So we're just defining j of x to be a particular solution. Now what I want to show you is that j of x plus h of x is also going to be a solution to this original equation.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

By using this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy. Learn more Accept. Conic Sections Trigonometry. Conic Sections. Matrices Vectors. Chemical Reactions Chemical Properties. Correct Answer :. Let's Try Again :. Try to further simplify. Last post, we learned about separable differential equations. In this post, we will learn about Bernoulli differential Last post, we talked about linear first order differential equations.

In this post, we will talk about separable Sign In Sign in with Office Sign in with Facebook. Join million happy users! Sign Up free of charge:. Join with Office Join with Facebook. Create my account. Transaction Failed! Please try again using a different payment method. Subscribe to get much more:.

User Data Missing Please contact support. We want your feedback optional. Cancel Send. Generating PDF See All area asymptotes critical points derivative domain eigenvalues eigenvectors expand extreme points factor implicit derivative inflection points intercepts inverse laplace inverse laplace partial fractions range slope simplify solve for tangent taylor vertex.In this section we will take a look at the first method that can be used to find a particular solution to a nonhomogeneous differential equation.

One of the main advantages of this method is that it reduces the problem down to an algebra problem. The algebra can get messy on occasion, but for most of the problems it will not be terribly difficult. There are two disadvantages to this method. Second, it is generally only useful for constant coefficient differential equations.

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The method is quite simple. Plug the guess into the differential equation and see if we can determine values of the coefficients. Recall that the complementary solution comes from solving.

Method of Undetermined Coefficients - Superposition method

At this point the reason for doing this first will not be apparent, however we want you in the habit of finding it before we start the work to find a particular solution. As mentioned prior to the start of this example we need to make a guess as to the form of a particular solution to this differential equation. Okay, we found a value for the coefficient. This means that we guessed correctly. A particular solution to the differential equation is then.

At this point do not worry about why it is a good habit. Now, back to the work at hand. Any of them will work when it comes to writing down the general solution to the differential equation. Speaking of which… This section is devoted to finding particular solutions and most of the examples will be finding only the particular solution. This however, is incorrect.

The complementary solution is only the solution to the homogeneous differential equation and we are after a solution to the nonhomogeneous differential equation and the initial conditions must satisfy that solution instead of the complementary solution. So, we need the general solution to the nonhomogeneous differential equation. Taking the complementary solution and the particular solution that we found in the previous example we get the following for a general solution and its derivative.

This means that the coefficients of the sines and cosines must be equal. Notice two things. First, since there is no cosine on the right hand side this means that the coefficient must be zero on that side. More importantly we have a serious problem here. What this means is that our initial guess was wrong.

If we get multiple values of the same constant or are unable to find the value of a constant then we have guessed wrong. One of the nicer aspects of this method is that when we guess wrong our work will often suggest a fix. In this case the problem was the cosine that cropped up. Our new guess is. We found constants and this time we guessed correctly.Please learn that method first to help you understand this page.

Variation of Parameters which is a little messier but works on a wider range of functions. Undetermined Coefficients that we will learn here which only works when f x is a polynomial, exponential, sine, cosine or a linear combination of those.

The complete solution to such an equation can be found by combining two types of solution:. Once we have found the general solution and all the particular solutions, then the final complete solution is found by adding all the solutions together. So, in this case we have shown that the answer is correct, but how do we find the particular solutions?

The answer is simple. The function f x on the right side of the differential equation has no cubic term or higher ; so, if y did have a cubic term, its coefficient would have to be zero. Since f x is a cosine function, we guess that y is a linear combination of sine and cosine functions:. This is exactly the same as Example 3 except for the final term, which has been replaced by 16e 2x. Use the quadratic equation formula. Since f x is a sine function, we assume that y is a linear combination of sine and cosine functions:.

Hide Ads About Ads. Either: f x is a polynomial function. Or: f x is a linear combination of sine and cosine functions. Or: f x is an exponential function. So Steps 1 and 2 are exactly the same. On to step 3: 3. Something seems to have gone wrong. Wait a minute!You can buy foam board on Amazon or at local drug store.

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Undetermined coefficients 1

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method of undetermined coefficients with initial conditions

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